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Psychotherapy Groups

A Supportive & Enlightening Women's Group

Mid-life for women is a time of change and flux. Of course, experiences vary, but often the physical aging process and changes in family life, career, and relationship status can influence a renewed drive for meaning, an enlivening sense of empowerment, a redefining of identity, and a recalibration of how to be. This process is challenging, sometimes painful, and yet is a transformational opportunity to set the waves in motion for the second half of life.

Moving Through Transition for Women

The purpose of this women's group is to share our experiences of the process, to normalize what feels strange, to celebrate insights, and to learn from each other. We will explore the stages of transition, reactions to change, and identify values, all to support taking the steps ahead with intention. The group takes place on Wednesday evenings and is limited to eight women. Each two-hour session costs $50.

Please call for information or to reserve your space: (503)784-6214

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