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Holistic Counseling Strategy Designed For You

No two clients are the same. I support each client by learning what they need, how they view themselves and the world, and where they want to go. From this understanding of you, I customize our work together to support your personal meaning and purpose, and to help manage life's inevitable obstacles that get in your way.

Beautiful Mountain and Lake View


Counseling is about relationships. How we work together is determined by both the client and the counselor. I strive to tailor our counseling sessions to make them what you want and give you what you need, and I do that by soliciting your input and your feedback. In this way, we build a working relationship together that is the right fit for you.


Coming together in counseling means recognizing that we are not going to be the same or see the world in the same way. I have no agenda for what you should do or how you should do it. Rather, I try my best to see the world from your vantage point. From there, I look out onto the view of your world and search for the path ahead. I value different perspectives and share mine in the belief that considering alternate views makes our lives richer.


A lifelong belief has now been confirmed by brain imaging and science: our connection to one another impacts our health and wellness. Our connection — in particular, you being truly heard and understood — helps your brain form new pathways and navigate ahead in more creative and fluid ways. Therapeutic techniques serve the purpose of supporting the therapeutic connection.


I believe that counseling is not just about what we are thinking and feeling; it also engages the entire body and all of our senses, including our intuition. Counseling will include therapeutic lifestyle changes to support the health of the body, mind, and spirit.


The therapeutic process is a creative one. What happens in therapy is tailored to each client's unique blend of history, characteristics, strengths, challenges, and dreams that they bring to therapy, and, importantly, what they want from therapy. My philosophy is rooted in the existential belief that we want meaning and purpose for our lives and that we have the strengths to make our lives how we want them to be. My job is to creatively engage in the process of clarifying that vision and supporting your efforts to navigate the way there.